Pay Equity

Make Better Pay Decisions

Ensure that pay is fair, competitive, and optimal for everyone with real-time pay equity analysis and insights.

Insightful Answers to Your Comp Questions

You shouldn't have to be a data scientist to understand comp. Barley helps you make data-driven decisions to maintain pay equity, stay competitive, and retain your talent.

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Close pay gaps

With a live pay equity dashboard, you can analyze your gender pay gap in real-time and see the immediate impact of compensation changes.

Promote equal access to opportunity

Analyze the diversity makeup of every level of your organization to close opportunity gaps, and improve diversity, equity, & inclusion outcomes.

Maintain fair pay over time

Monitor internal equity across your organization to ensure that promotions and pay increases continue to be equitable over time.

Your source of truth for every employee

Understand the full context of every employee with their pay history, time in role, position in pay band, and other metrics at your fingertips.

Compare your strategy to reality

Quickly understand employee distribution against your pay structure and compensation philosophy, with full visibility into how employees cluster within (and outside) their pay bands.

Streamline Your Comp Workflow

Replace manual data entry and error-prone spreadsheets with Barley's all-in-one platform.
Fully Integrated
Barley integrates seamlessly with your HRIS and ATS tech stack.
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Reliable and Secure
Robust protocols keep your data safe and confidential.
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