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Building the Future of Compensation

Barley is on a mission to help growing businesses implement consistent and equitable compensation.

Compensation has always been one of the most important pillars of a rewarding work environment. And right now, the landscape of work is changing fast.

Employers are trying to figure out how to pay competitively to attract and keep top talent, and how to adapt their compensation policies to the remote work world. At the same time, employees and candidates are looking for more transparency, communication, flexibility, and fairness from their employers.

Enter Barley, a compensation management platform that enables organizations to pay employees optimally and fairly. We help your business save time and budget, while retaining top talent and proactively responding to the growing priorities of remote work and pay equity.

Why the name "Barley"?

Grains of barley were one of the first forms of currency in the world.

If you were a builder in ancient Mesopotamia circa 3,000 BCE, your salary might be measured in silas, which are 1 liter bowls of barley.

Instead of bartering and guessing whether you got a fair deal, you could be sure that you were getting compensated a standardized value for your work.

Purple Barleycorns

Barley is a remote-first company with two key hubs, Vancouver and Toronto.

Barley's Founders

Our experienced co-founders have scaled their businesses to 150+ employees, over 1,000 customers, and $15M+ USD in revenue.
Jafar Owainati headshot

Jafar Owainati
Co-Founder and CEO

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Billy Mainguy headshot

Billy Mainguy
Co-Founder and CPO

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Our Guiding Principles

Focus on the Customer

We obsess over understanding our customers' challenges, knowing that the best path to a solution is listening to and collaborating with them.

Have a Bias for Action

Speed matters. We're not afraid to take action quickly, especially when decisions are reversible. We think and talk in days, not weeks.

Pursue Continuous Improvement

We seek and provide feedback (even when it can be tough). We invest in personal development, and we strive to teach and mentor others.

Keep Things Simple

We respect the importance of details, but keep them limited, so that we can deliver simple, innovative, and powerful solutions with velocity.

Be Relentlessly Curious

We believe that asking the right questions helps us get to the best answers. It all starts with understanding "the why" behind a problem.

We are backed by

Barley is backed by Golden Ventures

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Barley is backed by leaders at Loopio, DMZ, Shopify, and Autonomic