Candidate Benchmarking

Benchmark with Talent Pulse

Capture and report on candidate comp expectations to get the most up-to-date salary benchmarks without leaving your ATS.

Your Own Real-Time Salary Benchmarks

Your talent team knows when the market is changing. But all of that info is buried in private notes in your ATS, making them impossible to report on. Talent Pulse is the only way to capture, aggregate, and action these valuable salary benchmarks.

Real-time salary benchmarks in Barley Compensation Management Software

Keep a Pulse on Market Sentiment

The job market is changing fast. Talent Pulse creates an additional source of current and relevant salary benchmarks, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the market in real-time.

See where the market is heading

With the most current data on how pay is trending in your market, you can make more informed offers and have better conversations with your comp team.
See where the market is heading with Barley Compensation Management Software

Seamless workflow that talent teams love

The Talent Pulse browser extension layers on top of your ATS, and automatically syncs candidate and job info. No double data entry or switching screens required.
Talent Pulse Browser Extension provided by Barley Compensation Management Software
Alexandra Small
Talent Acquisition Manager at Affinity

Across our TA team, we've captured hundreds of salary data points using Barley's Talent Pulse without having to leave our ATS. Using the reports in Barley, I've been able to present compelling data on the current market to our HR and leadership teams. Ultimately, Barley is informing our offers and helping us hire the best talent. It's a game-changer!


Capture all the nuances of salary expectations with dynamic fields that live calculate for you.


Collect a single value or a salary range. We handle the complexity of aggregating the data.


Configure your reports to roll up your data exactly the way you want to see it.


Track candidate location to see how pay is trending in different geographic areas.

How Talent Pulse Works

Talent Pulse layers on top of your ATS to fit smoothly within your usual recruiting and hiring process.

Integrate your ATS with Barley

The whole set up and configuration takes just a few clicks.

Download Talent Pulse

Your recruiters can download the lightweight browser extension in seconds.

Collect salary expectations during interviews

Talent Pulse automatically pulls your candidate's key info so you can focus on collecting new data.

Centralize your data in Barley

Just click "save" and we'll do the rest.

Use your data to inform pay

Analyze and report on your data to inform pay decisions for new hires and existing employees.

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