Pay Bands

Visualize Your Pay Bands

Barley is the easiest way to build and visualize your organization's unique pay structure, no matter what it looks like.

Your Pay Bands, Your Way

Every business does it differently. No matter how you build your pay bands or set your pay zones, Barley is flexible enough to support your specific approach to compensation.

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Level your entire team in just a few clicks

Set up your job leveling framework, customize it to your org structure, and assign employees to the right level - all done in a few easy steps.

Visualize and manage your pay bands

Get the full view of all your pay bands and the employee distribution within them, and update and share them with ease.

Competitive pay for anyone, anywhere

Set up pay zones that support any approach to location-based pay, however general or specific. Apply premiums or discounts to link pay zones together, and make it easy to adjust in the future.

Built for global teams

Manage every employee's pay in their local currency, while also seeing reports and analysis in the currency of your choice.

Manage comp across multiple career paths

Guide your employees to grow in their chosen career path with separate job tracks based on their responsibilities.

Change doesn't have to be so hard

Want to update your pay bands or restructure your org chart? Experiment with different scenarios and adjust your pay structure whenever you want.

Real-time Integration with your HRIS

No need to enter every new hire or promotion twice. Barley syncs continuously with your HRIS.

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