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End-to-End Clarity for Compensation

Leave inconsistent pay and outdated spreadsheets in the past. Barley is a comprehensive platform to structure, analyze, and manage compensation - and keep a pulse on the changing market.

Build Your Pay Bands

Create and visualize compensation bands that reflects your company's unique needs.

Level all jobs in just a few clicks

Visualize employees within pay bands

Support any location-based pay policy

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Barley Compensation Management Software

Analyze Your Comp Data

Proactively identify potential issues and opportunities with live dashboards and insights.

Conduct pay equity analysis

Explore individual comp metrics

Investigate outliers and inconsistencies

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Analyze your comp data with Barley Compensation Management Software

Manage Your Compensation Reviews

Set up, launch, and complete your compensation reviews in a fraction of the time, with less errors (and zero spreadsheets).

Plan and execute salary reviews

Provide increase guidance to managers

Share and collaborate securely

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Manage your compensation review with Barley Compensation Management Software

Keep a Pulse on Pay Trends

Leverage your talent team's intel to get the most up-to-date salary benchmarks.

Capture candidate pay expectations

Understand real-time pay trends

Work seamlessly with your recruiters

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Benchmark with Barley Compensation Management Software
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A Comprehensive Solution

Barley provides a secure centralized hub for all your compensation data and processes.

Simplify Your Workflow

Integrate with all the HR systems you already use.
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Keep Your Data Secure

Ensure that your sensitive data is always safe.
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