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Barley offers smart compensation solutions to hire faster, retain your people, and grow your organization.

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Pay structure

Think Big Picture about Compensation

Compensation becomes more complex as you scale, and spreadsheets can't capture the full view.

With Barley's visual pay structure, you can instantly see where each employee sits in relationship to their peers and the whole organization.


Empower your team with the comp history and metrics they need to make decisions


Set pay bands and pay zones to capture your company's unique structure


Share the right information with the right people with full access controls

offer approvals

Accelerate Your Recruitment Timeline

Getting salary approval for each new job offer can be a painful back-and-forth that adds days to your time to hire.

Close more candidates faster with Barley's quick offer approval workflow.


Keep tabs on the market with real-time candidate and competitor insights


Quickly pull together an offer that aligns with its pay band and peer set


Anticipate and prevent pay inequity from the very beginning

pay equity analysis

Visualize a More Equitable Future

You shouldn't have to be a data scientist to conduct a pay equity analysis.

Investigate inconsistencies by gender and ethnicity with Barley's live pay equity dashboard.


Close pay gaps and opportunity gaps across your organization


Support pay transparency, and diversity, equity, & inclusion initiatives


Prevent pay inequities from developing over time with actionable insights

Real-Time Integration with Your HRIS

Seamlessly sync Barley with your existing HR solutions.

And more!

Streamline Your Compensation Process

Barley gives your whole team the right context to make informed compensation decisions.

HR Leaders

Keep a pulse on compensation across your entire company

Compensation Pros

Save time, reduce rework, and reveal deep compensation insights

Talent Teams

Close candidates faster with quick and easy approvals

Finance Leaders

Ensure that your pay strategy supports your business goals


Make the right salary recommendations for your team

DEI Champions

Move the needle on pay equity and pay transparency

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