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Barley Compensation Intelligence Platform

pay Structure

Think Big Picture about Compensation

Compensation becomes more complex as you scale, and spreadsheets can't capture the full view.

Barley's intuitive visual pay structure lets you see compensation across your entire organization at a glance.

Barley Compensation Structure and Pay Bands

Job architecture

Set up job levels and career tracks that stay consistent as you grow

Location-Based Pay

Create pay zones that fit your in-office, remote, or hybrid needs

Visual Pay Bands

Instantly compare everyone's salary and identify outliers

Talent Pulse

Capture Candidate Comp Expectations

Traditional salary surveys aren't keeping up with the pace of the market.

With Barley, you can capture and centralize candidate salary expectations to create an additional source of benchmarking data.

Barley Talent Pulse Candidate Salary Expectations Benchmarking

Real-Time insights

Use salary expectations from your candidate pool to inform offers

ats integration

Fully integrated with your existing Applicant Tracking System

browser extension

Easy to use without leaving your ATS or breaking your workflow

pay equity analysis

Visualize a More Equitable Future

You shouldn't have to be a data scientist to conduct a pay equity analysis.

Use Barley’s live pay equity dashboard to check your progress towards a more fair and equitable future.

Barley Pay Equity Live Dashboard

Close pay gaps

Pay equitably for similar work, regardless of gender

equal opportunities

Look into the diversity makeup of every level of your organization 

Compa-ratio Analysis

Compare internal equity across different positions and locations

Integrated with Your HRIS and ATS

Barley Compensation Management Platform integrates with your HRIS and ATS

And more!

Your Source of Truth for Compensation

Barley gives your whole team the right context to make informed compensation decisions.

HR Leaders

Keep a pulse on compensation across your entire company

Compensation Pros

Reveal deep compensation insights and reduce rework

Talent Teams

Understand and share your candidates' salary expectations

Finance Leaders

Ensure that your pay strategy supports your business goals


Make the right salary recommendations for your team

DEI Champions

Move the needle on pay equity and pay transparency

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