Introducing Barley Global Benchmarking Data
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December 15, 2023
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Introducing Barley Global Benchmarking Data

We’re excited to announce the launch of Barley Global Benchmarking Data Powered by Mercer Comptryx. With this launch, we’re unlocking access to market-leading benchmarking data across compensation processes in Barley, enabling organizations to make better pay decisions with confidence.

Traditionally, HR and People teams have faced three main challenges with accessing and managing global benchmarking data.

Challenge #1: You have difficulties finding reliable and high quality global benchmarking data

For companies with employees worldwide, knowing what to pay in different local markets can be a challenge as it’s difficult for you to find reliable and high quality global benchmarking data. On top of that, access to market data for specific regions can often be an additional cost. You also can’t rely on free self-reported benchmarking data as it’s not reviewed, standardized, and accurate.

Challenge #2: You have to manually compare benchmarking data with your own salary bands in spreadsheets

Once you do find benchmarking data, there’s a lot of manual work that follows. First, you need to compare the benchmarking data against your own salary bands in spreadsheets. Then, you have to manually come up with ways of analyzing the data and identifying insights.

Not only is this manual approach tedious and time consuming, it’s also prone to errors and doesn’t allow you to stay current with the latest data. This prevents your organization from making smart and proactive pay decisions (which is highly important int today’s fast-moving market).

Challenge #3: You don’t use benchmarking data to its full potential for your other compensation workflows

Typically, you’ll spend money and time on benchmarking data which you’ll use once or twice a year for the benchmarking process. You don’t have the bandwidth to manually export and manage the data in spreadsheets for various compensation processes throughout the year which is a missed opportunity to leverage the data across your compensation strategy.

Barley Global Benchmarking Data is built with the entire compensation strategy in mind

Here at Barley, we understand how important it is to take a holistic approach to compensation. Not only is Barley simplifying access to high quality benchmarking data, we’re also making it easy for organizations to leverage the data alongside key compensation workflows.

Access to Mercer Comptryx’s Complete Global Data

  • Instantly get access to Mercer Comptryx’s latest global market data with over 3.8 million data points across 90 countries and 150 cities
  • Choose amongst hundreds of job titles and across multiple levels, from support to executives, to match benchmarking data to your internal roles
  • Gain insights into market data across multiple industries including SaaS, consumer tech, professional services, and more
Barley's Benchmarking Search

Seamless Integration

  • Automatically have the latest market data flow directly into your Barley account without the need to continuously manage or import spreadsheets.
Mercer Comptryx's data integrated directly within Barley

Embedded Market Data

  • Whether analyzing this data against your pay bands or powering compensation workflows, leverage market data within Barley to guide smarter and more proactive pay decisions.
  • See exactly where benchmarking data sits on your employees’ pay bands and segment your employees on the people page by the data
  • Power your guidelines using market data during compensation reviews
Example of Mercer Comptryx benchmarking data viewed on a pay band in Barley

Interested in seeing Barley Global Benchmarking Data in action? Book a demo and our team will reach out with more details.

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