Compensation Strategy
January 23, 2023
15 min listen

HRD Talk Podcast: How to Comply and Thrive with Pay Transparency Laws

As of 2023, employers now have more responsibilities when it comes to pay transparency, following the implementation of new laws in California, New York, and elsewhere. This legislation requires more employers to include the salary range on job postings and provide pay ranges to current employees upon request.

In this episode of the HRD Talk podcast, Jafar Owainati, co-founder and CEO of Barley, discusses the impact of this new law and the future of location-based pay in a remote world. Jafar shares his insights on the importance of clear communication around a company's compensation approach and how HR leaders can avoid potential conflicts and discrimination claims.

“HR leaders need to make sure that they're communicating adequately around their compensation approach,” says Jafar. He highlights the importance of having a clear compensation philosophy and being able to explain the "why" behind an employee's pay, including the methodology used, and how and why an employee's pay may differ from their colleagues' pay.

Jafar also stresses the need to build trust with employees, as a perception of unfairness can be enough to cause them to leave the company. “At the end of the day, what employees desire the most is a rewarding workplace that is fair," he adds.

Check out the full episode of HRD Talk with John Corrigan, where Jafar dives into the complexities of pay transparency and the future of location-based pay in a remote world.

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