Employee Compensation Guide

Help Your Employees Understand Compensation

Most companies spend a lot of time building out thoughtful compensation packages, but don't communicate the "why" and "how" to their employees. The Employee's Guide to Compensation bridges that gap.

The Employee's Guide to Compensation

The Fundamentals of Compensation from an Employee's Perspective

the why behind pay

Learn what companies are thinking when they build out your compensation package, with a brief intro to the concepts of compensation philosophy and total rewards.

how pay is determined

Learn how companies set salaries, with an overview of the complex factors that influence pay, including market data, performance, and supply and demand.

Valuing Total Rewards

Your salary (or base pay) is an important component of your compensation, but don't overlook the other valuable elements of your total rewards package.

3 in 5

employees don't understand how their pay is determined

Gartner Research, 2022

"Am I Being Paid Fairly?"

This is the most common question that employees have about compensation. And it usually stems from a lack of understanding and transparency around pay.

To answer this question, employees need to know the signs that a company is approaching comp thoughtfully, and trying to implement fair and equitable pay.

Improve Your Comp Communication

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