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Why HR and People teams love Barley

5 star on G2
Joanna Kmiec
Joanna K.
Vice President, People & Culture at Elastic Path

"Barley is supporting our pay transparency program, positively impacting all global employees. It also has helped automate our annual compensation program and saved our team an extensive anount of time that was previously spent on manual processes."

5 star on G2
Christine Song
Christine S.
Chief People Officer at Knix

"Barley is intuitive and easy to use! Our executives, HR and TA team use the platform regularly to gauge pay for merit, promotions and market adjustments to ensure we are being equitable across all teams and individuals."

5 star on G2
Brendan Yorke, VP of People Operations at Flinks
Brendan Y.
Fractional People Ops Leader

"Configuring our comp bands and compensation cycles took much less time in Barley than other tools with a higher degree of confidence. Other tools require careful review of detailed documentation -- but Barley made configuration a breeze. The user interface and visualizations are always clear (and sometimes even delightful!)"

5 star on G2
Tracy Kong
Tracy K.
Total Rewards Manager at Smile Digital Health

“Barley's UI is beautiful and simple. The actual comp review process was very intuitive with built in guidelines and budgets that are set prior to launch.  Visibility in regards to pay bands, pay equity, total rewards in our organization that provides us with invaluable context and analysis."

5 star on G2
Eddie Beqaj
Eddie B.
Head of Client Management at Flinks

"Barley is giving me the visibility I lacked previously while pulling in compensation data from other sources so that I know where we stand against the market. Having all of my team's comp consolidated in one place allowed me to dramatically speed up my compensation review while having the details for each employee at my fingertips."

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“Our managers are now completing compensation reviews in 20% of the time with Barley compared to using our old manual processes.”

Brendan Yorke

Brendan Yorke

VP of People Operations at Flinks